Zombies ate my Lunch!

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It started with a Whimper
What has happened so far

July 4th, 2015
After a successful GPQ, winners Matt Belvedere and his compatriot Will Mahoney embarked upon a wild night on the town. One of their many planned destinations on this epic night of partying happened to be a quaint bar by the name of Stogies. Upon their arrival, they met another chap by the name of Wil Havlineck. The trio became acquainted, and started drinking together. At 1:30 am, around last call, a girl vomited on the dance floor all over several patrons in the direct vicinity and collapsed. A scream could be heard from Meehan’s and all the recently puked upon patrons began acting strange. The newly formed Trio decided to head outside to get away from the puke smell. it was putrid as they passed by. upon their exit, the atmosphere inside stogies became gruesome, as the crowd seemed to be biting other patrons inside. Meehan’s pub across the street was having the same problem. The large 4th of July crowds started pouring out onto the streets as these possessed people started attacking. Not seconds later did those who were attacked start attacking others. They managed to escape to their car unmolested, but they were blocked in to the parking lot by a large crowd of fleeing pedestrians. That didn’t stop them in the slightest because they drove right through the crowd. the sound of screams and bones cracking under the weight of the car could be heard. In the rear view mirror running blurs could be just seen jumping on unsuspecting pedestrians. They cleared downtown St Augustine and headed on to highway 16 to gather supplies. a trip to an unsuspecting gas station made easy pickings as the group maxed out their soon-to-be useless Credit Cards. their next step was to acquire firearms, so with a shotgun found in an abandoned cop car, they broke in to a local gun store and found all they needed. the group managed to commandeer a nice Yacht in Jacksonville, where they Picked up a new companion Lucas Cutter. The group sailed north in hopes of finding survivors. A few sanctuary cities were found and the need for trade routes was discovered as they struck deals between the sanctuary towns as a Merchant ship and playboy party cruiser. The newly Christened “Stroke of Luck” was born. After their first Trade haul, Matt received a Phone call from an old friend up in Boston: Lyle Codman. Lyle had been partying in his neighborhood weeks earlier in his Boston suburb. Unfortunately, the Zombie Outbreak started right in the middle of his 4th of July Block Party. He managed to find refuge in a neighbors fully stocked fallout shelter. As soon as the Crew of the Stroke of Luck heard of their stranded friend, they leaped into action to come to his aid, hiring mercenaries to rescue him. Upon their arrival in Boston, the raiding party boarded their landing boat and pushed off to rescue Lyle. Several dead zombies, Molotov cocktails, and barrages of bullets later, Lyle was Rescued and aboard the Stroke of Luck.


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