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  • It started with a Whimper

    July 4th, 2015 After a successful GPQ, winners Matt Belvedere and his compatriot Will Mahoney embarked upon a wild night on the town. One of their many planned destinations on this epic night of partying happened to be a quaint bar by the name of Stogies …

  • Home Page

    The End is Nigh! A group of friends intertwined throughout the East coast of the USA struggle for survival. Will they thrive in this Post-Apocalyptic world? or will they succumb to the perils that is the Zombie plague!

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    There will come a day so dark you will pray for death. On that day your prayers will be answered. Feeding a normal army is a problem of logistics. With zombies, it is an asset. Feeding is why they fight. Feeding is why they are feared.

  • Scott Lawman

    A Paladin by Nature, Scott Lawman Is a strictly by-the-book Man. He will Protect the weak regardless of the dangers to himself.

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